We embrace the 7 principles of Universal Design and help educators develop inclusive content through tools which guide them for the development of content based on different learning difficulties to be addressed.

At the delivery end, our tools deliver the learning objects to the learners by “integrating” preferences or constraints as they are captured in the learner’s profiles and presenting the final content in a coherent manner.

The actual delivery system (“Learning Object Sequencer”) is developed using open-source standards and based on the shared-control theory.

Unified Approach to Learning Difficulties – eHoop: The project provided an environment for the creation of training content capable of addressing different learning difficulties (ADHD, audio/visual impairment, dyslexia, etc.) at the same time. Content developers use specialized templates and tools for developing their content for the learning difficulties they want to address. On the delivery side, the tool has an automated assessment which recognizes the difficulties of the learners and delivers the content accordingly.