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In the beginning there was a project which materialized a vision… the end there was nothing to show for it!


We believe that very few understand the true goals of quality assurance and even fewer understand how it manifests to practical processes which introduce sustainability to results already from the early phase.

Our view on quality is not that it is simply a horizontal process which serves monolithic principles. We believe it is a productive process that serves an integral part of our implementation and delivery approach. We are not addressing quality through academic definitions and stereotypes but we define it each time in relation to the activity it monitors.

In our projects, we establish a continuous service improvement process for the identification, planning, and execution of advances on the services delivered to our clients on the following three main directions:

  • Applicable processes. Processes are evaluated through the internal quality audits and compliance checks as well as through the quality control activities (including reviews and audits).
  • People. The quality of the teams working for the project is evaluated through the inspections and internal quality audits organised by the Quality Assurance Team.
  • Tools and infrastructure. The quality of the project tools and infrastructure is evaluated through the internal quality audits and compliance checks, as well as through the Quality Control activities that reveal the advantages and disadvantages of using specific infrastructure items, technologies, and tools.

The continuous service improvement process applied to our projects coordinates all quality and service level management activities with the objectives to:

  • identify and prioritise improvements;
  • discuss with the client and other project stakeholders and obtain consensus;
  • follow-up the implementation of agreed improvements; and
  • evaluate the success of the implementation and the effectiveness of the changes on the overall service quality